Piano Delivery Nationwide

 Contact Us before purchasing to verify your Delivery Requirements

Residential Delivery

Experience our Hassle-Free Delivery by piano movers to your location, this VIP service will include setup of your piano at your residence. Fees for this service range from $185 to $485. depending on your location, number of steps/stairs, steep turns and other factors .

Commercial Delivery

Free Delivery and Setup to institutions, schools, churches with tractor trailer access is available to certain areas of the country. Verify your location and facility to confirm your eligibility for this service.

  International Piano Shipping

Contact Us before purchasing to verify your International Shipping requirements


Shipping to Canada

We are experienced in shipping pianos north of the border and offer commercial deliver as well as residential door delivery in most parts of Canada. We can arrange a forwarder for you that will arrange customs procedure on your behalf and facilitate the delivery.

Air and LCL Shipments

Shipping by Air or Sea to your nearest port can be arranged based on your shipping budget and time requirements. We are experienced exporters and can handle all aspects of the shipping from crating the piano securely to documentation and insurance.